The Marauder is an ebook being developed in collaboration with Gemma Deutsch.

In a world where the skies are clouded over with ash from a cataclysmic volcano eruption, the economy turns to the seas to deal its business. His name is Scott, and his father is the captain of the Marauder, a heavy hauler that roams the Arctic Ocean to prey on ships transporting goods between Europe and North America.


Cold Fever
Concept art

Scott Gates
Robert Gates
John Heinz
Neill Baker
Gareth O'Toole
Kevin Harper

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Scott, just cos I haven’t drawn him in ages. poor bb

I kinda want to do a patreon thing for The Marauder but it’s like.. who would care

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Floating heads yaaaay

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Hi! It’s been a while, and apparently I forgot to post this from last month. I’m in the process of actually drafting out Marauder zombies, so did these to help get me in the right state of mind! 

And the one below that was something I was finally happy enough with to use as a Twitter profile header.

Merry Christmas from Scott and co.!

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The Marauder is now officially launched! 60+ pages of awesome, and a couple of freebies for your digital devices.

Visit the website!


They’re here! And they look so much better than the shitty ones I got just in case

So much black!

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Poor Scott. Someone cut him a break!

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Baby Scott! Because why not.

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